Unterwegs in Sachen Fussball




When it comes to collecting scarves there are to major things that you need to know: A scarf is only worth collecting if it has got an official logo of some description.The collection is always more important than sympathy or hostile feelings towards other clubs.

 At first I just collected scarves of the clubs, which played against Kaiserslautern. Over the years my collection grew to the incredible number of over 4500 scarves and now includes not only football scarves but also scarves from other sports as well. 

My new hobby helped me to find a lot of new friends. It’s also how I got to know one of my best friends, Martin, who is an idol for me with his huge collection. Thanky for being a such a great friend, mate!

actual number: 5357
last update: 07.03.2018=> matches online on my new website!

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